Essence of Beauty
Mount Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

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The Educational Treatment

The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare and beautiful skin for life.  After which, your personal beauty precisption will be designed for you. 

1/2 hour €30.00 
1 hour €40.00 
 Hydrating Facial
 This is the best facial for everyone to start off with as 95% of skin types are dehydrated.  This facial will include a massage to relax those aching temples, mask to hydrate the skin. Leaving you with fresh, hydrated & nourished skin

1 hour €65
Exfoliating Pumpking Facial
 Our pumpkin glycolic mask exfoliates but that's not all. Among its healing and rejuvenating active ingredients, this exfoliating pumpkin and Alpha Hydroxy Acids in this mask dissolve dead skin cells and promote new cell growth 

1 hour €55
 Vitamin C Lifting and Firming Facial 
 Designed for tired skin showing signs of atrophy and loss of elasticity this intensive vitamin c treatment will stimulate vital functions and repairs cell damage. Skin shows immediate improvement in tone and firmness.  This facial is also excellent for sun damage and premature signs of ageing. 

1 hour €75  
IQ Natural 
  IQ Naturals is dedicated to providing real results skincare  that is packed with all natural and certified organic ingredients.  

  • Medical Grade Peel kit, reduces appearance of scars, controls acne breakouts!
  • Regenerates skin cells, Brightens dulls complexion by sheding off multipule layers of dead skin immediately. Find healthier looking skin!
  • Experience younger, heathlier skin by smoothing wrinkles, eleminating finelines and red spots. Improves damages skin caused by UV light
  • Pure, Natural and Simple
  • Simply polishes away dry dead skin cells, revealing new skin hiding below. Helps promote heathier skin by the reproduction of Collagen
20% - 40% Starting from €45